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Face Painting

Professional Face Painter

Sunshine coast and Brisbane northside

Fun for everyone, let your imagination run wild!

Lily Pink Spider Girl gradient
Blake - Batman cali
Leopard cali
Rainbow Face Paint
Stencilled Dragon cropped
Rainbow cali
My Tiger snarling gradient
Pink Monster Mask 15.08.13
Orange Snake up arm
Variety Charity cali
Flower Hand cali
Meika Robot cali
Rainbow Princess front on cropped
Emoji Cali Border
Pearly Pink Snowflake gradient
Sohpia cali
Shark cali
Breanna - Rainbow Flower Stencil gradien
18.09.20180918 Croc and Fish
Kodi - Pink Elephant cropped
spider & web
Funky Flowers
Spiderman Arm Band
Hand Flowers
My Turtle cropped
Lily Wonder Woman
Dolphin Face or Arm Design
21.10.201810 Frozen Zali
Super Mario
Ninja Turtle
Blue & Purple Butterfly
My Pirate black outline
Blue Hue Butterfly with Cali Border 22
18.09.2018 Hungry Croc
Frozen Teagan
Kyle Dracula
06.10.2018 Daisy Face
Rainbow Arm
Berry Princess Crown Side Gradient
Meika Robot
Easter Cross cali
Bunny Chick Cali
Blue Egg
Big Easter Egg Face Paint
Dragonfly black gradient
Easter Bunny Face Paint
Easter Basket cali
Easter Cross
Easter Chicks
Frankenstein 23 June
Eyes & Gash
Severed Hand
Ghouls and Robot
David - Gashed Zombie croped
Arm Wound
Cut arm
Front on cropped black gradient
Baby Whale
Frozen Arm gradient
Candy Cane
Ginger Bread Man cali
Christmas Star
Rudolf cali
Christmas Candle
Holly cali
Snowman cali
christmas bauble cropped
Christmas Spider
Christmas Tree
Blue Snowflake
Christmas Peace
Snowman cali
Christmas Butterfly
Black & Purple Celtic Swirl
Scary Tree sharp
Bullet wound
Me - black & purple masquerade mask
Celtic Swirls
sugar skull simon 2 gradient
Deb my fav cropped line border
Jo - Harley Quinn
Neon Sugar Skull Face Paint
Sophia - Pink Masquerade Mask
Daisy Mask black gradient
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